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πŸ‘Ÿ Two way Market place
Shoes Market

Two side marketplace created with HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails and deployed on Heroku. In this app the user can be both seller and buyer. It is completed with full user authentication and authorisation. It also provides payment gateway using Stripe.

Ruby on RailsHTMLCSSPostgresqlBootstrapS3 bucketStripe
🎦 Movie App

The purpose of this application is for users to view and search a large library of movies for the user to decide what to watch by viewing movie trailers, images, descriptions and user reviews, while also added social aspects by users being able to create a user profile that will display user information, their movie reviews and movie playlists. This application uses data from Movie TMDB API

Mongo DBEXPRESSReactNodeJSHeroku
⏣ React Resposive Website
React site

A resposive React website focused on accessibility and interaction with user that leverages Framer motion library, styled components for scoped styles and react scroll.

ReactStyled componentReact scrollFramer Motion
🌦 Weather app that fetched data from weather API made with VueJs

Web application made with Vue.Js that get data from the weather API and tells the searched city temperature, humidity, wind speed, visibility and more.

Vue JS
πŸ• A pizza joint app made with fun and interactive animations
Pizza Joint

A side project made with React utilising Framer motion library for fun, responsive and user-friendly interface.

ReactFramer Motion
πŸ‘Ύ Pokemon API Dashboard
Poke Deck

A Web application that get the name of the Pokemon that user input and return the Pokemon stats from the Pokemon API.

Vanilla JS
🜸 Portfolio site made with gatsby
Portfolio V2

Updated version of my portfolio site made using Gastby. GraphQL is used to build it’s data layer. Data from the site is queried from the mark down files. Medium articles is populated by using RSS feed.

πŸ’» Previous portfolio Project
Portfolio V1

My first portfolio project made purely with HTML and CSS when i was one month in at Coder Academy.


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Hi I’m Hai, a graduate from CoderAcademy Sydney Australia. I’m focused on Web development, working with HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript and the MERN stack, but will always open to learn new tech stack. I’m a focused and driven individual , with strong belief that technology can transform and make things easier, cheaper, more accessible for everyone.

I have always loved Math and Science , big fan of sci-fi and space travel movies. I enjoy having a good laugh at a stand up comedy show. I love cooking and have appreciation for different food and culture. I’m very passionate about sustainability , renewable energy , autonomy, and innovation that makes our world a better place.

If you share the same interests or have any inquiry don't hesitate to connect and have a chat with me.

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Feel free to reach out and say hi.
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